July 23, 2024
A Special Release

A Special Release from High Coast!

High Coast Distillery proudly introduces its new Special Release series, featuring the High Coast Whisky Special Release 2024. This inaugural edition is an exceptional 11-year-old peated whisky, matured in Oloroso casks.

Continuing its tradition of innovation and quality, High Coast Distillery is expanding its product portfolio with this series of meticulously curated exclusive whiskies. The Special Release series will debut annually, each time showcasing an age-stated whisky.

The 2024 release is the first in this distinguished series, presenting an 11-year-old smoky whisky. This remarkable whisky underwent an initial maturation in bourbon casks for over five years before being transferred to casks seasoned with aged Oloroso sherry for the final few years. These Oloroso casks were specifically reserved for this extraordinary bottling, making the Special Release 2024 a truly unique offering.

‘When we started planning for the Special Release, many of our older casks were sampled. The selected Oloroso casks stood out and were an obvious choice for the first bottling in the series’ – Master Distiller, Roger Melander

Quick facts

  • Special Release 2024 consists of 100% peated whisky.
  • Alcohol: 51.3%
  • Age: 11.06 years
  • Phenol content: 45 ppm
  • Cask: Oloroso, Bourbon
  • Number of bottles: 2784 pcs
  • Bottle volume: 700 ml