July 25, 2024
Argument: Sweet Toast

Agitator: New limited whisky and discarded packaging

At the end of January, Agitator will launch its latest whisky, Argument: Sweet Toast. It is a limited release, available only for one month. After this, the distillery will phase out most product packaging. “We have the same attitude towards sustainability as we do towards whisky production,” says distillery manager Oskar Bruno.

Agitator Whiskymakare begins the new year as aggressively as before. After the launch at the end of January of its new limited edition whisky Argument: Sweet Toast, the company becomes the first distillery in Sweden to remove outer packaging on most of its products. This is in line with the expected EU directive on unnecessary packaging to address the growing waste.

“We want low environmental impact and therefore reduce the number of packages. For us, there is no reason to wait for a law to take effect; we choose to act now. The only thing we care about is how the whisky tastes and taking responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint all the way to tasting,”
/ Oskar Bruno, distillery manager at Agitator.

Sweet Toast – light, smooth, sweet, and toasted

The new Agitator Argument: Sweet Toast will only be sold for a month, from January 29 to February 29, 2024, and is a real challenger. In production, Agitator has used barrels made of new American oak, roasted in a way that highlights the sweetness of the wood – a so-called Sweet Toast. The product is available for order via Systembolaget.

“We have aged Sweet Toast in Sauternes wine barrels to let the French dessert wine impart soft notes to the drink. All in all, it creates an inviting whisky that pairs perfectly with creamier cheeses or coffee after a meal. A toast to the light, smooth, sweet, and toasted,” says Oskar Bruno.

To celebrate the phase-out, the product’s outer packaging will include a personal greeting from the distillery’s manager, Oskar Bruno, via a QR code on the back.