July 24, 2024
Agitator Rye Rye

Agitator Rye Rye

Agitator Whiskymakare have developed the definitive summer whisky together with Emil Åreng, one of Sweden’s most renowned beverage experts. The whisky is a unique type of blended whisky with rye enhancement and is launched at Systembolaget under the name Agitator Rye Rye.

Agitator Rye Rye is launched on April 30, 2024, in Systembolaget’s order assortment and is a unique type of blended whisky with rye enhancement.

“In connection with working on Facit, I became aware of Agitator, which questions traditions and creates incredible products. Their blended whisky is the best I’ve had in the category, and the rye whisky Blind Seal is fantastic. Rye Rye is like a combination of the two products I like the most – it can only be a success,” says Emil Åreng, beverage expert and co-creator of Agitator Rye Rye.

Emil Åreng is known for walking his own path, something he shares with the Arboga-based distillery Agitator. Since 2021, Agitator has attracted attention in the Swedish whisky scene with its groundbreaking and high-tech vacuum distillation and whisky production.

The new product is developed to be enjoyed both as it is and to work well in classics like Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, and Irish Coffee as well as in new favorites with berries and summer elements.

“Rye Rye swings and feels festive while being incredibly good. It’s actually the only whiskey you need at home. It’s a real workhorse, a universal product. This whiskey is tastier than any other whiskey under 500 Swedish crowns,” continues Emil Åreng.

Unique whiskey type The basic idea with Rye Rye is to challenge conventions. Few whisky distilleries handle both blended and rye whisky, and even fewer blend these two types of whisky. There is also no product that fits as optimally for both classic and newly created whisky drinks or “straight up,” with or without ice.

“We love working with Emil. He and we share the same view that quality can be matched with the joy of discovery. Emil’s ‘no-nonsense’ attitude and curiosity about what makes the best possible drink resemble Agitator’s way of thinking when it comes to whisky,” says Oskar Bruno, founder and head distiller at Agitator.

More about Agitator Rye Rye Agitator Rye Rye is perfect for all the festivities of spring and summer thanks to its light but flavorful character. Either as it is, accompanied by the grill, or mixed in a cocktail and drink.

Through the combination of European blended style and American rye style, both enthusiasts and bartenders can discover new flavors and drinking experiences.