July 24, 2024
Agitator's Chestnut Whisky

Agitator’s Forbidden Chestnut Whisky – Here to Stay!

After three temporary releases that sold out at record speed, Agitator’s popular chestnut whisky is being updated with both a new name and recipe. On March 20th, Chestnut Cask will be launched as part of the distillery’s regular range and available for order through Systembolaget.

“We were the first in the world to age whisky in whole chestnut wood barrels,” says Oskar Bruno, founder and master distiller at Agitator whisky.

Since 1988, all Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels, while chestnut barrels are already used in wine and brandy production. Agitator Chestnut Cask (preceded by Agitator Argument: Chestnut) is aged in both bourbon and chestnut barrels. The unique chestnut wood barrels impart flavors of dried fruit, cocoa, and a distinct tannin structure rarely found in whisky.

“Aging whisky in chestnut barrels is forbidden in Scotland, but in Arboga it’s possible. Here, we see opportunities and gladly challenge conventions because we are convinced that whisky can be made in new exciting ways,” says Oskar Bruno, founder and master distiller at Agitator.

Forbidden Favorite in an Updated Version

The chestnut barrel-aged whisky has become a signature product for Agitator. It was first launched in 2021 and has since been released in two more versions, in 2022 and 2023, in Systembolaget’s temporary selection. On March 20th this year, it will join Agitator’s regular range and Systembolaget’s order selection.

“Chestnut wood barrels undeniably produce a very good and appreciated whisky. The chestnut whisky has been so well-received during previous temporary releases that it now deserves a place in our regular range. Therefore, we have refined the recipe and given it a new name,” says Oskar Kalmaru, CEO of Agitator whisky.

The popular chestnut whisky’s recipe has been adjusted to a slightly sweeter and less smoky tone, while emphasizing fruity notes. It also receives a new name: Agitator Chestnut Cask. Additionally, the label is updated to a clearer pink color with sharper contrasts compared to previous versions.