July 23, 2024
High Coast Distillery Alba II

High Coast brings Alba back as Alba II

Alba returns as Alba II. High Coast Distillery’s fruity spirit and American oak, Quercus Alba, create a union between two continents, shaped over time by the northern climate. Expect the same finesse from the vanilla tones of the American oak and bourbon barrels, which have had almost ten years to mature. The oak’s flavors have been allowed to take up more space without competing with smoke.

61.9% of the spirit has matured on ex-Bourbon barrels, and 38.1% on new American oak barrels.

High Coast Distillery’s spirits pair well with Quercus Alba, both with light smoke (as seen in Sweden Rock 24) as well as without smoke, as confirmed by numerous blind tastings over the years. Comments from tastings about Alba have consistently shown this, warranting a dedicated series for this combination, with Alba II being the second installment. Enjoy an unpeated whisky packed with toffee, vanilla, and the fresh fruitiness of the distillate—enjoy Alba II.

Quercus Alba

Quercus Alba, commonly known as American white oak, is a species native to North America. Renowned for its strength, durability, and distinct flavor characteristics, Quercus Alba is highly prized in the production of whisky barrels. The wood is known for imparting a unique profile to the spirits aged within it, characterized by rich vanilla notes, sweet caramel, and subtle hints of spice. These qualities make it a preferred choice for distilleries seeking to enhance the complexity and depth of their spirits.

The porosity of Quercus Alba allows for an ideal interaction between the wood and the whisky, facilitating a slow and balanced maturation process. The wood’s natural vanillin content is particularly influential, contributing to the smooth, creamy textures and flavors that distinguish high-quality whiskies. Additionally, the robust structure of American white oak ensures that barrels made from it can endure the lengthy aging process without compromising the integrity of the spirit.