July 23, 2024
Isle of Lime Sjastru from Gotland Whisky

Sjaustru, a Summer Whisky from Gotland Whisky

Sjaustru is the name of this summer’s edition from Gotland Whisky. Sjaustru is available from June 3 in Systembolaget’s special order assortment and at the three Systembolaget stores in Gotland.

On Gotland’s east coast in Gammelgarn parish lies Sjaustru, a place as mysterious as it is beautiful. Despite likely being a fishing site for millennia, the origin of the place, as well as its name, is hard to trace. It’s as if the traces of history, like footprints along the kilometer-long sandy beach, have been washed away by the sea waves. What remains is a feeling of timelessness. A feeling we’ve captured in this sherry cask-matured whisky, whose fruity aroma opens up flavor notes of raisins, honey, and vanilla, transitioning into a lightly spirited finish. Promising like the unbroken horizon.

Sjaustru has a finish of about 2.5 years in both Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks after spending about 5.5 years in first-fill bourbon casks. The oldest cask is over 8 years old, and the youngest cask is about 7.5 years old. Vanilla and honey tones from the bourbon casks are blended here with fruitiness and sweetness from the sherry casks. A true summer whisky…