July 24, 2024
St: Jerahmeel

Spirit of Hven: St Jerahmeel

Seven Angels is a collection of annually released single malt whiskies by Spirit of Hven. Presenting today (1:st of May 2024) the fourth installment, St Jerahmeel, this single malt delicately incorporates hints of smoke while spotlighting the richness of malt and oak. Subtle undertones of wine casks complement and balance the malt’s character, contributing a toasty essence, while oak imparts refreshing forest notes, creating a harmonious blend.

St Jerahmeel presents an intriguing blend of eight oak casks, each meticulously maturing since 2013. Among them, seven casks showcase unpeated malted barley, while one cask features peated malt boasting 38 ppm phenols. The fermentation employs yeast strains Cerevisiae and Bayanus to achieve its distinct character.

Four of the casks, crafted from Quercus Muehlenbergii, impart a delightful nuttiness and a rounded mouthfeel. Meanwhile, three casks hewn from Q. Petraea sourced from Allier, two having cradled white Burgundy and one red Amarone, infuse the whisky with a subtle forest essence from the oak and a tantalizing hint of wine in the backdrop. The eighth cask, a refill sherry butt made from Q. Rosacea, previously housed unpeated whisky, lending a pleasing yet understated note from the PX sherry it once contained.

Characterized by a lively maturity, this whisky boasts oxidized nuances resulting from the interplay between oak tannins and alcohol, finely balanced by fermentation-derived esters and aldehydes. St Jerahmeel stands as a distinctive whisky with an alluring flavor profile that ignites the imagination.