June 12, 2024

Swedish Whisky Distilleries

Agitator Whiskymakare – The distillery itself is located in Arboga, but the company’s headquarters are in Stockholm. Agitator stands out from the Swedish whisky crowd as they work extensively with modern manufacturing processes such as vacuum distillation and aging in exciting casks, such as chestnut!

Bräntings Bränneri – Located in an old military bunker on the northern part of Gotland, just outside the village of Bunge. Using organic malt from Warbo mill, we will taste the distillery’s own single malt earliest in 2026 – in the meantime, we have to settle for raw spirits from other distilleries that have matured in Bräntings’ old military bunker.

Fjäre Distillery – A family-owned distillery on the Swedish west coast, most known for its gin and other spirits, released their first whisky in the spring of 2024 – which sold out in just a few hours! The malt was harvested from the field right outside the distillery, and on its way to the bottle, it has never left the farm!

Gammelstilla Whisky – Located in Torsåker in Hofors municipality. Started production in 2012. Their aim is for the whisky to reflect the tranquility of its surroundings. They have access to fresh water through a natural spring.

Gotland Whisky with the brand Isle of Lime – Located in Romakloster on Gotland. Started their production in 2012. Their approach is to keep the Swedish whisky process local, from the organically grown barley to the water sourced from the limestone mountain. The only imported ingredient is the advisor Henry Cockburn from Bowmore distillery in Scotland.

Gute Destilleri – Located in Hablingbo on Gotland. Started production in 2010. Primarily a microdistillery (small-scale operation), which allows them to produce small batches both for themselves and for other clients. While whisky distillation seems to be discontinued, the production of other beverages continues at Gute Vingård.

High Coast Whisky was previously known as Box Whisky. Located in Bjärtrå in Kramfors municipality. Started production in 2010. The vision is simply to produce the world’s best malt whisky. For this reason, they carefully select both raw materials and manufacturing methods with quality in mind. Consequently, the distillation process is slower compared to other distilleries to optimize quality. 

Lihnell’s Distillery, formerly known as Bergslagens Destilleri – In the summer of 2016, they acquired the remaining cask inventory from Grythyttan Whisky (which produced whisky between 2010 and 2013). Currently, they are reviewing these casks and planning for various releases. It is the first distillery in Sweden in the “Silent distillery” category, meaning that no more of this whisky will be produced. The distillery also produces its own whisky.

Mackmyra Whisky – Located in the Kungsbäck forest area, just outside Gävle. Started production in 1999. The whisky is made with the pure, Swedish water and the Swedish barley (contributing sweetness). Additionally, most of it is matured in new Swedish oak barrels, which gives the whisky a harsher taste with a fiery spiciness.

Nordmarkens Destilleri – Located in Hornedal outside Årjäng in Värmland. A small distillery with high quality ambitions. Besides producing their own malt whisky, Nordmarkens is also an independent bottler of whisky and rum.

Norrtälje Bränneri – Located in Söderby, just over a mile northwest of Norrtälje. Started production in 2009. They mainly focus on organic ingredients, preferably locally sourced. Water is taken from the farm’s own Class A-rated well.

Skånska Spritfabriken – In Södra Sandby in the south part of Sweden, just outside Lund, there are apple orchards that form the foundation for Skånska Spritfabriken’s spirits. From a Skåne-style Calvados to apple-inspired gin and whisky aged in barrels previously containing apple spirits.

Smögen Whisky – Located on the Ståleröd farm, just southwest of Hunnebostrand in Bohuslän. Started production in 2010. The focus is on quality in small batches. They also prefer to use local ingredients, but it is still subordinate to the quality they want to maintain.

Spirit of Hven – Located on the island of Ven in the Öresund strait, about 5 km from the Skåne west coast. Distillery opened in 2008. Here, you’ll find one of the world’s smallest “Pot Still” distilleries. Everything from mashing, fermentation, distillation, barrel aging, and bottling is done under one roof.

Tevsjö Destilleri – As one of the few distilleries in Sweden, they can boast of producing their own base spirit and being entirely self-sufficient in both grains and pure spring water. Since 2014, Tevsjö has been producing a Swedish variant of Bourbon following American tradition.

Vattudalen Whisky – Craft producer of gin and whisky in the forests outside Strömsund in northern Jämtland. Has released some independent bottles before, but in 2024, their own whisky is ready for launch at Systembolaget.

Wannborga – Ölandic wine and spirits. The first whisky was produced in 2007 and was the first Swedish whisky after Mackmyra. In recent years, the focus has been on gin and vodka, with a few releases of whisky over the years.

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