June 11, 2024
Gotland Whisky Tjelvar

Gotland Whisky: Tjelvar

Yesterday, on April 8th, Gotland Whisky Isle of Lime Tjelvar, a 9-year-old whisky with delightful maturity and elegance, was released. Tjelvar consists of five refill ex-bourbon casks, three of which contained parts of the distillery´s first bottlings, Shareholder 2016, Roma, and Tjaukle.

In Boge parish in northwestern Gotland lies Tjelvar’s grave, a ship setting erected during the later part of the Bronze Age. According to the Gutasaga, this was where Tjelvar, the first human on Gotland, set foot. Gotland was enchanted then, sinking into the sea during the day only to rise again at night. When Tjelvar arrived, he brought fire, breaking the enchantment and causing the island to stop sinking. The reality behind the legend is disputed, but this oak barrel-aged whisky is rooted in a real heritage from our previous releases, and perhaps it is the beginning of a new story.

We find it exciting to showcase what an almost 10-year-old whisky (the oldest cask being 10.5 years, the youngest 9.2 years) from Gotland Whisky will smell and taste like in the future; we hope you will enjoy it too.

Tjelvar, as maturity begins to take shape.