June 10, 2024
Sweden Rock 24 High Coast Single Malt Whisky

Sweden Rock 24 High Coast Single Malt Whisky

In November 2023, Sweden Rock embarked on an exclusive collaboration with High Coast Distillery, one of Sweden’s foremost producers of Single Malt Whisky. This partnership spans over three years with Live Brands Factory AB as the coordinating partner, and High Coast Whisky will produce Sweden Rock’s limited annual whisky during the contract period. On March 25th, we will experience the first result of this collaboration as Sweden Rock 24 High Coast Single Malt Whisky is finally launched at Systembolaget. This is an elegant and lightly smoked Single Malt Whisky with notes of coconut and caramel.

“Finally launching our first annual whisky for Sweden Rock Festival feels incredibly exciting and fun. We are confident that we have created a high-quality product and are very happy for the fantastic opportunity to showcase our unique Single Malt Whisky to a loyal and enthusiastic audience. Additionally, being present at this year’s festival and meeting consumers in their natural habitat is the icing on the cake.”
– Linus Håkansson, CEO of High Coast Distillery

Just like before, a limited edition will be launched annually, and all variants from High Coast Distillery will be of the highest quality Single Malt Whisky. First up is the long-awaited Sweden Rock 24 High Coast Single Malt Whisky, available for sale starting on March 25th. This Single Malt has an alcohol content of 46% and is aged in both bourbon casks and American oak casks. The edition is limited to 4000 bottles.

Sweden Rock 24 High Coast Single Malt Whisky emits lighter smoky tones with hints of gooseberry and pear. When it reaches the taste buds, it offers a rich palate where, in addition to the mild smokiness reminiscent of a good cigar, notes of caramel, cedarwood, and coconut can be found. What stands out a bit and contributes to the complex whole is that one can also sense the taste of the classic popsicle Päronsplit. The aftertaste is more traditional, with hints of licorice, vanilla, and a lingering hint of tobacco.

High Coast Distillery will also be present at Sweden Rock Festival’s VIP area this year, where visitors will find their products in a separate bar, purchase whisky casks, and even pre-book seats for a limited number of exclusive whisky tastings. Marcus Antonsson, Food & Beverage Manager at Sweden Rock Festival, expresses his joy about the partnership:

“For Sweden Rock Festival, this collaboration is an opportunity to bring together two cultures with equally passionate enthusiasts – rock fans and whisky lovers, who often coexist in the same person. The chance for VIP visitors this year to actually meet High Coast Distillery will hopefully be an incredibly appreciated addition to the festival.”