April 17, 2024
Resenär from Skånska Spritfabriken

Resenär from Skånska Spritfabriken

A flavorful single malt whisky, impressing with its sweetness from the malt and spiciness from the oak barrels. And loads and loads of apples, from the ageing in barrels that earlier contained apple brandy. Appreciated by many. But is the whisky Swedish – or French?

Skånska Spritfabriken’s new whisky release, Resenär, is a unique 7-year-old single malt whisky that has taken an exciting journey through different places, shaping its character.

  • Malted barley: Trolle Ljungby
  • Malted: Fjälkinge
  • Wort: Torna Hällestad
  • Distiller: Jan Rothman
  • Still: pot still
  • Destillation Location: Cognac
  • Aged: 7.5 years in lightly toasted French oak barrels at Sandby Mosse