February 20, 2024
Agitator Mixpack

Agitator Steps Up – Three Releases in One Month

Swedish Agitator Whisky Maker is set to launch a new product every tenth day during the month of October, starting on October 6th. Well-considered flavors and groundbreaking craftsmanship continue to be the driving force for this proactive whisky maker, who is upping the ante with three new products: Evidens: Black Wheat, Samuel no. 2, and a mixed pack featuring selected samples.

Agitator maintains its rapid production pace by releasing three new products in a single month, with more to come before the year is over. Despite a turbulent world, there are no plans to slow down at the Arboga distillery.

“After barely two years in the market, we can see that our approach to making whisky is working,” says Oskar Kalmaru, CEO of Agitator Whisky Maker. “These launches demonstrate that it’s entirely possible to create truly excellent whisky with new flavors at competitive prices.”

In addition to a mixed pack featuring favorites from Agitator’s lineup, there will be another release from the successful collaboration with whisky expert Samuel Lindlöf and the next edition in Agitator’s limited premium series, Evidens, titled Evidens: Black Wheat.

“Our Evidens products prove that you can extract more flavor from the barrels by aging at 55 percent alcohol content, slightly lower than the traditional strength. It’s our signature style. The roasted notes of the black wheat pair beautifully with the sweetness from the sherry casks,” says Oskar Bruno, distillery manager at Agitator.

Sample pack

Sample pack – October 6th (279 SEK) Agitator has never lost a bid with Systembolaget. Now, 10,000 units of a sample pack featuring selected Swedish whiskies are being released. The mixpack, inspired by a coffee table book (see picture), includes four 5 cl bottles of Single Malt, Smoke, Argument: Chestnut, and Blind Seal.

Samuel no. 2

Samuel no. 2 – October 16th (899 SEK) “This time, I’ve created a lively whisky where the peat smoke truly takes center stage by blending whisky from two 200-liter casks: ex-Islay (57 percent) and bourbon (43 percent),” says Samuel Lindlöf about his second whisky collaboration with Agitator. The blend is minimally filtered and bottled at its natural strength of 58.7 percent.

Evidens: Black Wheat

Evidens: Black Wheat – October 26th (899 SEK) Evidens: Black Wheat is the latest addition to Agitator’s limited Evidens product line. Sherry and dried fruit dominate the flavor of this amber-colored whisky. Black wheat imparts notes of roasted almond and cedarwood. Agitator’s Evidens products are made in limited quantities and are bottled directly from the cask, resulting in an alcohol content of 55 percent.