June 11, 2024
Old hare Swedish whisky

Spirit of Hven – Old Hare

Spirit of Hven Old Hare is a unique Swedish whisky, crafted from grains cultivated on the picturesque island of Hven. From the very beginning, from soil to glass, it is brewed, distilled, and carefully matured on Hven itself. The blend includes Wheat for a cereal whisky with delightful hints of vanilla sweetness and a touch of bitterness. Rye brings forth caramel and herbal notes, while Corn adds a graceful floral character and an elegant nuttiness. The Malt barley, with its bready essence, adds a harmonious balance of chocolate and fruity undertones to the mix.

The whisky is given the time it deserves to mature, aging for 3-5 years in freshly crafted barrels of both European and American oak. Once Spirit of Hven sense the whisky has reached its peak, they skillfully blend the various cereal distillates with our fine malt whisky. After the blending process, the distillers gently dilute the whisky and allow it to rest and marry for 6-12 months in oak casks. During this exquisite process, a quarter of the barrels were previously used to house PX sherry, while the rest embraced the flavors of Spanish Red Gran Reserva wine. Bottled onsite, it carries its exceptional character at 40.4% volume.

The name, Legend Old Hare, pays homage to the abundant German hares that have graced the island since the 1850s, a gift from the reign of Oscar I and Oscar II. For generations, hare hunting has been an integral tradition on Hven, entwining the history with visitors from near and far, from all walks of life.

As for whether the Easter hare has ties to Hven, well, that remains veiled in the mysterious mist of tomorrow’s dawn.¬†Whether the Easter hare came from Hven remains hidden in the dark mists of tomorrow’s dawn.