June 12, 2024
Mountains 01 Multråberget

A new series of wine cask-aged whisky from High Coast Distillery

With Mountains 01 Multråberget, the series begins based on High Coast Distillery´s success with Berg. A smoky whisky aged in Pedro Ximénez and bourbon barrels. With the Mountains series, High Coast will gather four mountains in Höga Kusten, all inspired by our great success with Berg. There will be different types of wine cask aging, starting with barrels that have aged the smokiest sherry – Pedro Ximénez, with tones of raisins and figs combined with the vanilla character of bourbon barrels.

The destillery continue to tell the story of the place that is it´s origin. After closed sawmills and significant ports, they go back ten thousand years to the unique uplift of Höga Kusten with the mountains still rising. High Coast have chosen the first mountain by traveling a few miles upstream from the distillery. The Multråberget lookout, guarding over the city of Sollefteå, is a well-known profile in the northern landscape with the river passing by in a wide bend.

The first whisky in the Mountains series is smoke combined with approximately five years of aging in bourbon barrels and then three years in PX barrels, two different barrels in balance like the tightrope walkers that once walked on the line up by the mountain’s cliffs. Mountains 01 – Multråberget consists of 100% smoky whisky aged in bourbon and Pedro Ximénez barrels. At bottling, the whisky was diluted to the predetermined alcohol content of 51%.